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VATSIM — Pacific Oceanic Partnership

Pacific Oceanic Partnership

VATSIM's Pacific Oceanic Partnership is a revolutionary change in the way Oceanic airspace is operated in the online world.

Prior to its establishment, Oceanic airspace within the Pacific was controlled by multiple separate divisions who each set their own operating, testing and certification procedures for controllers and pilots. To staff an Oceanic ATC position you had to have been certified by the division responsible for that particular piece of airspace.

Now, the Pacific Oceanic Partnership Programme has brought together the Oceanic operations of VATNZ, VATPAC, and VATUSA with a standard set of procedures, and a standard training and testing syllabus.

Currently Participating FIRs

At this time, the following FIRs are covered by the Pacific Oceanic Partnership:

Note: the programme does not cover VATUSA's other Oceanic FIRs, or those of any other division. See the map below for further details.

Benefits for Controllers

Controllers who pass the Oceanic rating at any of the member divisions are now entitled to staff any Pacific Oceanic position overseen by any of the member divisions. This means one rating allows you to staff oceanic positions from the west coast of the USA, south to Antarctica and even as far as the coast of Western Australia.

Benefits for Pilots

More controllers able to staff more positions means more ATC coverage for pilots as they travel the Pacific.

Get involved

If you're interested in becoming a Pacific Oceanic controller and are already a member of one of the partner divisions, simply contact your division's Training Department and they can take you through the training and endorsement process.

If the division you belong to isn't part of the Pacific Oceanic Partnership, simply contact the Training Department at any of the partner divisions and request Visiting Controller status for Oceanic control.

Pilots and controllers alike can also check out the Oceanic Endorsement Syllabus to learn about the standard Oceanic procedures throughout the Pacific.

More information

For more information, check out the Pacific Oceanic Partnership Forum. For administrative questions, contact Ray Lang.

Pacific Oceanic Roster

The following controllers are endorsed to provide Oceanic control services within all Pacific Partnership airspace.

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Pacific Oceanic Map